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A Lesson Needs To Be Learned.

2009-02-08 22:14:40 by Pico243

This video was made by Jack Bliss. It's about how the games of today are nothing. With their fancy graphics and sound, they are a burn mark on the underwear of old-school gaming. They don't focus on the storyline or the actual game, really. It makes me sick to realize that all game companies do is mass produce this garbage they call instant classics. What happened to Mario Bros? What happened to Donkey Kong? Where's the love?

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A Lesson Needs To Be Learned.


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2009-02-08 22:21:28

classic are gone my firend...only ebay has what is left... and nobody like ebay... im sorry their gone, their gone.


2009-02-09 02:30:30

oh man flash backs good times good times*sigh*


2009-03-05 09:59:50

Thanks for posting this vid in your news post Pico243! Really means a lot to me. Glad you feel the same way about old games too. Alas our newer games will never be like the old classics but atleast we will always have our wonderful memories with them when games and even life was so much simpler... :-)

Santhosh CHRiS aka jackbliss