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Entry #17

I'm Dying...

2011-09-25 10:58:21 by Pico243

I'm literally on my death bed right now, typing my last message... Look, I know that you all probably didn't know me very well, other that those three songs I posted, but even so, All i have to say is goodbye Newgrounds. If you want to listen to the three songs, I have them posted on my page, and also, my brother is going to submit my songs on his page to keep them alive... if you don't believe me, so be it. I'm in no position to argue... It's been an honor serving all of you. If you want to know what's killing me, go to my brother's page. His NG name is Soma-Dokkuro. These are my final resting words. Take them to heart, and just remember that we should all share a sense of unity, because we are all brothers.

"United we stand. Divided we still stand, just further apart."

I'm Dying...


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2011-09-25 12:24:24

R.I.P... :( I'm upset now... In honour of your death I shall use your songs in my next project...


2011-09-25 15:12:42

What happened now?